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Mika Oakes

I originally came to study human anatomy through massage therapy. I have always been fascinated by the human body and how it can hold stories that shape us.

Through the practice of yoga, I have learned how to find space in my own body through breath, focus and consistency. I teach because if I'm able to translate even the smallest part of the experiences and shifts that I have had in my own life, then I am blown away by the process of sharing this same gift with others.

I am inspired by the precision of alignment, meaningful movement through the lens of vinyasa and the essence of Hatha yoga. The stillness in each pose with the steadiness of breath, paired with overcoming judgment and internal noise will lead to imminent silencing of the mind. My intention is to challenge my students to delve deep within themselves for any content that resinates from within themselves. Be it physical, emotional or mental - perhaps if the awareness heightens, change occurs and surrender can happen.

I am eternally grateful for the clarity that Schuyler Grant has helped me find in my teaching, Raghunath Cappo for enabling me to get out of my own way when traveling in India and the various teachers that have lit up my path throughout the years.